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Что самое важное для Вас при выборе вытяжки?

We have the best tools for do-it-yourselfers. Check us out!

We were established in 1969 in a time when getting good tools was expensive, but the quality was good. Now that only a select few of those authentic tools survive, we have dedicated this store to bringing the experience alive for collectors and master mechanics everywhere.

You can easily find products selecting the category you would like to browse above.


Jet, Kronasteel (50)

MBS, TEKA (50)

Indesit, BEKO (50)

Kronasteel, Best (50)

MBS, ILVE (50)

ILVE, Zirtal (50)


Zanussi, LEX (50)

Fiore, Bosch (50)

CATA, Elica (50)

Best, Siemens (50)


ElitAir, ILVE (50)

ILVE, FOX (50)

Nodor, Эликор (50)

Best, FALMEC (50)

Ardo, CATA (50)

Universo, Faber (50)

Turboair, Zirtal (50)

Selena, Mabe (50)

Restart, Shindo (17)

Turboair Taormina Soft 2H IX/GR/A/80
Turboair Taormina Soft 2H IX/GR/A/80
2 920.00 рубл.

Gorenje DT 9545 E
Gorenje DT 9545 E
3 614.00 рубл.

Faber Strip BK A 90 PB
Faber Strip BK A 90 PB
2 618.00 рубл.

Best KB ASC 180 IX 90
Best KB ASC 180 IX 90
4 248.00 рубл.

Best K 9188 IX 90
Best K 9188 IX 90
2 254.00 рубл.

Benten AM-Arco 60 inox
Benten AM-Arco 60 inox
16 416.00 рубл.

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